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Shit I Wanna RP

Genres/Tropes I Like

❖ Hurt/Comfort: I am seriously a huge sucker for prickly badasses being forcibly reminded that they're human. Whether my character's got a broken ankle and no potions or your character's sick as a dog while mine struggles with mediocre white mage skills and/or questionable bedside manner, I could write this crap all day. Note: I lean much more toward fluff/waff than whump, but I'm always up for someone getting the hell beaten out of them for a good cause.

❖ Angst: Let’s be real, that’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it? Admittedly, my favorite part of tormenting my characters is making it up to them later, so while I do love the angst, I don’t like leaving it at that.

❖ Siblings: My Kingdom Hearts for Axelea and Kairi as troublemaking ginger siblings who antagonize the hell out of each other but will seriously cut anybody else who gives them a hard time. None of my mains have canon siblings, but characters who aren't related who grow up together is awesome. Sibling AUs are awesome. Come at me, bro.

❖ Epistolary: Admittedly a difficult genre, if anybody is willing to try it out with me, please send me a message!! Related, texting back and forth is also fun.

❖ Bed Sharing: Axelea is a space heater and loves to nap, and waking up to find someone else in his bed has potential for great hilarity, regardless of the circumstances. Tristepin and Calhoun are canonly spoken for, but that doesn't mean a bed sharing situation can't come up. Nozomi will probably grope you in her sleep. I mean, shippy bed sharing is great, of course, but I love platonic or reluctant cuddling, too.

❖ Gay Chicken: This one is a little bit more character-specific. I think Axelea is pretty secure in his masculinity, but he's pretty inexperienced when it comes to actually having feelings at all, much less for anyone else. So obviously we're just bros bein' dudes. No homo here. Nope. Also goes for my other muses who are not canonly dating/married; any and all genders welcome.

❖ Bound Together: Handcuffed together in the back of the squad car, do we escape together when the officer pulls over to assist with an accident? A magic trick gone horribly awry? Inexplicably Exploding Superglue? The possibilities are endless. Note: I like this trope for the absurdity, not to justify or force ships.

❖ Cave Story/Blanket Scenario: Kind of goes hand-in-hand with Bound Together (pun intended? we just don’t know); forced to take shelter in a small, possibly cold space, our characters are going to have to get real cozy to make it through the night. Note: As with Bound Together, I like this for the hilarity and bickering rather than as an avenue for unsupported shipping. Not to say it can't help lead to shipping.

AUs I’m Interested In

[these are just ideas that came to mind for each premise, please feel free to suggest other things for any of these! also this is by no means an all-inclusive list, these are just things i'm especially fond of or particularly intrigued by (or thought of in the moment). i am always open to ideas and suggestions!]

❖ Pirates: Really bad eggs. 8| Come on, Axelea would be an awesome pirate. He’d chill in the crow's nest and nap all day. And steal his shipmates' gold when they’re passed out drunk. And he might just lead a mutiny if he’s feeling especially energetic. Nozomi? Screw ladies being bad luck on a ship, she can tell the future. Tristepin doesn't do so well on ships, he gets horribly seasick, but that could be hilarious. Calhoun is more likely to be a space pirate, but hey, I'm always up for variations on a theme.

❖ Mafia: The Organization was basically the mafia anyway, so Axelea's halfway there. He can totally make you an offer you can't refuse. Alternatively, YAKUZA. I have a huge interest in yakuza culture and would absolutely love to play around with that sort of setting.

❖ Steampunk: Hell yes I want Axelea with a blowtorch and welding goggles or Calhoun with a gattling rifle or something and did somebody say airship pirates? I'm pretty sure somebody said airship pirates. I’m so there.

❖ Cyberpunk: Alternatively, I am also a fan of being jacked into The Matrix or being the guy who hacks the government so we can all take down Big Brother.

❖ Historical/Period AU: /aggressively stuffs characters in tights and flings them into the Globe Theatre

❖ The Hunger Games: Okay this one is a bit of an outlier, since I don’t usually go for angst without chasing it with some fluffy bullshit, but I just can’t help it, I love THG.

❖ Star Trek: Bouncin’ graviton particle beams off the main deflector dish on the USS Make Shit Up. Alternatively, in a variation on the College AU, Starfleet Academy Cadets breaking all the rules during the Kobayashi Maru exam.

❖ Horror: What can I say? I'm a huge scary movie fan and I love throwing my characters into scary situations. Favorite sub-genres include Zombies, Silent Hill, Ghost Story/Haunted House, Zombies, Dark Fantasy, Why The Hell Are We In An Abandoned Mental Hospital After Dark, and did I mention Zombies? Also I love psychological horror, so please don’t hesitate to plot delicious ways to mindfuck our characters with me. Note: not really into gore, though. Egregious injury is one thing, but unnecessary carnage isn't really my cuppa.

❖ Modern AU: I know this is broad, but I like adapting out-of-present canon stories into a modern history. Not especially interested in the High School or Barista AU, but if you have an idea that takes place in a modern or 20 Minutes In The Future sort of setting, toss it my way!!

Kinks I'm Into

In general I view Axelea bi, and when writing m/m I see him as a top, since he seems to have trouble dealing with things when he's not in control of the situation. However I’m willing to change things up under the right circumstances. Nozomi is pretty gay for Eli, but I basically ship her with like any of the µ's girls, and cross-canon is always fine. I'm willing to try her with dudes, but Love Live in general is pretty gay all around, so she definitely leans toward girls. Tristepin is straight and absolutely head over heels devoted to his elf waifu, so unless you write Eva there probably won't be much smut for him outside of a reeeeeally long and slow buildup that involves being permanently separated from her somehow. Likewise, Calhoun is also married, but I can easily see her as bi if this is pre-Felix or an AU or something.

That being said, all smut must be (at least mostly) consensual. This is actually a must. Oh don't give me that look. I might write a few manipulative jerks, but dubcon and noncon just really aren't my thing at all, outside of a really specific very narrow margin of error. We can regret our actions in the morning, this doesn’t have to be devoted soulmate lovemaking, but we have to both be into it while it's happening.

Okay, onto some stuff I’m interested in playing with:

❖ Biting/Scratching: (giving and receiving) Om nom nom, let’s mark each other up.

❖ Hand jobs/Fingering: (giving) Axelea's got long fingers, and he's ambidexterous. Nozomi is a serial groper. You do the math.

❖ Teasing/Edging/Frustration/Orgasm Denial: (giving and receiving) Bet'cha I can last longer than you can.

❖ Pegging: (mostly giving) Axelea's not really interested in receiving, but a couple of my other guys might be into it. Nozomi and Calhoun would both definitely be into the strapon gig, though, lbrh.

❖ Foodplay: (giving and receiving) Honestly, this is probably just going to devolve into a food fight. And that's okay.

❖ Multiple Orgasms: (giving and receiving) Bet'cha I can have more than you can.

❖ Blowjobs: (giving and receiving) There has to be a lot of trust there for this one, but Axelea is secretly a big fan. Tristepin probably is, too. Nozomi's more likely to be into eating out than blowjobs, specifically, but Calhoun is game.

❖ Blindfolds: (on you) /eyes Days!Riku /sweats nervously

❖ Bondage/Restraints: (giving and receiving) Still has to be consensual, and you'll probably have to ask in Axelea or Tristepin's case, but they'll both get pretty into it. Absolutely no receiving for Axelea, though; the idea of being tied up seriously freaks him out. Nozomi and Calhoun are both all over the BDSM okay.

❖ Waxplay: (giving and receiving) Axelea in particular. Well, he’s a fire elemental, are you really surprised?

❖ Grappling/Wrestling: Could easily lead to less appropriate things.

❖ Public Places: Not getting caught is the whole thrill of it!

This list is not all-inclusive, this is just stuff I know I enjoy writing or have a specific interest in trying out. Combining is encouraged. If you have an idea for something (and it's not on my squicks list), feel free to pitch it!