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2037-12-31 11:59 pm


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2013-11-18 08:09 pm


hi kids! i'm really gonna try and do cards this year, so please leave your address below if you'd like to receive one, so i have them all in the same place. just easier to keep track that way.

also please list a couple fandoms and your favorite color[s]. for no reason or anything. >.> it's not like i'm gonna use that info for anything, baaaka.

also please make sure to gimme a name to go with the address, since idk everyone's journal names! otherwise i'll be like HI PERSON HAVE A CARD BUT I'M NOT SURE WHO YOU ARE.

comments are all screened to prevent stalking. 8| thank you!
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2010-06-08 03:20 am

small friends cut

just removing some dead journals, and a few people i don't really ever hear from anymore/don't really post ever/etc. if you feel you have been removed erroneously poke me here and i'll add you back; just cleaning up a bit.
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2009-12-20 02:41 am
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[fst] Scrubs - Perry and Jordan - You're Awful, I Love You

oh my gawd i finally finished it. yeesh. i've been working on this since September.

Medium: TV
Fandom: Scrubs
Subject: Perry Cox/Jordan Sullivan
Title: You're Awful, I Love You

Fifteen tracks plus bonus song. All files are MP3 format, complete with track numbers and album art for those of you iTuners. Everything is uploaded individually, and a zip file can be found at the bottom. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] scruby for screencaps!

bitter and dumb, you're my sugar plum... )
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2009-05-09 07:38 pm
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[fst] Bleach - Renji/Orihime - Only a Broken Heart

Medium: Manga [I disowned the anime]
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Abarai Renji/Inoue Orihime
Title: Only a Broken Heart
Warnings: HET
Notes: Since getting into the Bleach fandom, I've been a very fierce supporter of RenRuki, but it just so happened that in an RP of mine, the Rukia and Ichigo players ship IchiRuki. This changed the entire axis of my Bleach world, and funnily enough, Renji started gravitating toward Orihime, and she toward him after their respective Objects of Affection turned them down. And suddenly I started to ship it; they've got a lot more in common than I ever really gave much thought to. However, since it's canon Orihime is in love with Ichigo, and pretty much canon Renji is arse-over-kettle for Rukia, it takes a strong dose of IchiRuki to make this pairing work. Thus, this is my Circumstantial OTP™.

Seventeen tracks plus bonus song. All files are MP3 format, complete with track numbers and album art for those of you iTuners. Everything is uploaded individually, and a zip file can be found at the bottom. Because I'm a gross overachiever, and since there are no real canon panels of these two actually interacting, I wrote little fic snippets to go with each song. ^_^ ♥

Wait for an answer, hold out forever... )
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2009-02-14 11:57 pm
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[fic] Bleach - Four RenRuki Flashfics

here, have some flashfics in celebration of Single Awareness Day Valentine's Day. 8D hurray for lame holidays that are a good excuse to write fluff. i wanted to do all eleven prompts, but i didn't have time, so...here. have four. :D

Some Prompts from the RenRuki Comm )
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2008-09-23 09:26 pm
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BC Rescue Scripts: Rod and Gun

i've had these done for ages and never posted them. huh. oops. i love the rescue scripts, because as small as they are, they really do a nice job of illustrating the relationships between the characters involved. the scripts for everybody gets kinda long, so i'll post these in pairs.

these all start out the same way, with a little intro where Tseng gives you your mission orders. these little opening spiels don't really change much depending on what character you are playing:

Tseng: [Playable character]! What's the current status?
Playable Turk: I've arrived at the point of entry.
Tseng: Good. Then begin the retrieval. Find [other character] and get [him/her] out of there. [He/She] was taken to the jail after being apprehended--it's within the inner banquet hall. You know how to get inside, right?
Playable Turk: [you can choose yes or no here, and i suppose trigger a tutorial if you say no, but we'll go with a resounding] Of course, sir.
Tseng: Once you've gotten inside, all correspondence between us will be cut off. You'll be on your own. Bring [other character] back without fail.
Playable Turk: Roger!

Andrew (Rod) )

Rosalind (Gun) )
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2008-09-07 01:55 am
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[fic] Bleach - Taking Lessons

Title: Taking Lessions
Author: [livejournal.com profile] turkish_delight
Fandom: Bleach
Request: For [livejournal.com profile] nizlaili's REQUEST on [livejournal.com profile] fic_on_demand. I don't usually do requests or gift fic...mostly because I fail at deadlines and actually getting them done, but I'd been trying to write some Bleach fic for a while and kept coming up with no ideas...and this request piqued my interest. Because predictable cat is predictable, and I do love gruff jerkfacey boys with hearts of gold. :D I hated the Bount Arc, and the built-up dynamic between Jinta and Renji was really the only thing I watched it for. >:[
Summary: Returning to Urahara's shop after running some evening errands, Renji and Jinta find themselves taking a somewhat unexpected detour. And that's before they realize a Hollow has decided to follow them home.
Word Count: 7,670; Oneshot. This wound up being like twice as long as I was planning on. O_o;;;
Warnings: Just some cursing--a few f-bombs. Nothing you don't hear on the school bus anyhow.

Are we there yet? )
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2008-04-15 06:08 am

KHII Doujinshi - Asu wo Yumemu (scanlated)

sup kids~ here, have a lovely lovely doujinshi i translated and some LJ friends edited into scanlations. ^_^ this is a really beautiful doujinshi--the artwork is exquisite (it's all pencil art, no inktones or screened shading; all pencil), and the story is heartbreakingly bittersweet. completely worksafe, but a real sweet treat for any KH fan~ ♥

Title: Asu wo Yumemu
Circle: Gurashie
Pairing: AxelxRoxas
Pages: 27
Rating: G
Original Scans: [livejournal.com profile] tinuleaf
Translation: [livejournal.com profile] turkish_delight
Editors: [livejournal.com profile] synnesai, [livejournal.com profile] cavechan (their forum)
Summary: Set in game. Axel and Roxas sit and talk on the clock tower. The two talk about days passed, good and bad, right before Roxas disappears. TT^TT



also if anyone would like the original raw scans, you can find this and a few other doujinshi here in [livejournal.com profile] tinuleaf's personal LJ.
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2008-03-19 12:49 pm
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Org Drabbles Part Deux

again, mostly Axel...some Roxas, Demyx and a dash of Xigbar. one of them managed to be a sentence; the rest of them are < 100 words. enjoy!
Themes 1-15

16-30 )
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2008-03-17 08:18 pm
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BC Episode 22 AGAIN: Mission 1

for some reason there are two Episode 22s. O_o i don't get it. either way, i'll get back to Reno's and Tseng's special episodes once i've gotten through the story scripts...i need to do this and i keep getting sidetracked by other things. >/ anyhoo, when we last left off, Reno and Rude had just been pwnd by a giant robot and Tseng was passing out.

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2008-03-05 08:28 pm
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Org Drabbles

mostly Axel, with some Demyx and Roxas and a cameo by Luxord and Xaldin so far. i forget where i found these prompts...but here are the first 15. i was aiming for the one-sentence thing, but i failed and so they're 100 words. man, even that was hard. D: i really need to learn brevity.

1-15 )
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2008-01-31 12:53 am
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Special Episode of Tseng, Mission 1

it seems that after the first three missions of Episode 22, the Special Episode of Tseng is the next chronological thing that goes down. so here we go~

we begin in Costa del Sol, however no date is given.

コスタ・デル・ソル )
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2008-01-30 05:25 pm
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BC Episode 22: Mission 3

the next episode starts out with Tseng using his powers of ESP to tell Veld they're coming for him and to hang on just a little longer. it'a really kinda sweet, Tseng is so worried about Veld. he's like, "Hang in there, captain...we're definitely coming to save you!" XD ツォンさん ファイト! Suddenly! NINJAS! Scarlet shows up with some of her robots and--big surprise--tries to kill you. Reno makes a crack about the welcoming committee, and then there's this hilarious line where Rude says something that...i think i'm misinterpreting, but Reno replies, basically, "FUCK YES!....yo!" XDDD seriously, like there is a significant pause between 当然だぞ! and ....っと. lolol.

meanwhile, in the stolen ShinRa car...

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2008-01-30 04:16 am
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BC Episode 22: Mission 2

when we last left our heroes, your playable Turk had been captured by Scarlet only to be saved by Veld, who sacrificed his freedom for your sake and is now in line for the chopper's block. meanwhile, Rufus has made Tseng an offer he can't refuse...

myah, see, you'll nevah catch me coppah, see, myah... )
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2008-01-26 03:49 am
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BC Episode 22: Mission 1

in Turk HQ, Tseng, Reno, and Rude are discussing how much it sucks that the captain is gonna be executed. Tseng is getting an ulcer just thinking about it... cut to a scene in Wall Market.