Crafting/Creating Bug

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:27 am
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I both love and hate when I get into a crafting/creating mood because I have, really, neither the time nor the money to devote myself to it entirely. Just watch--in a couple weeks, when I no longer have work and unfinished diagnostic assessments hanging over my head, when I have a full week of time, I'm going to lose it and just want to chill or play video games.

Still, long as I'm looking up resources, may as well post them here.

First off, macarons--not to be confused with Those Horrible Coconut Abominations--are something  of an unusual thing for me to latch onto because I generally am not a baking-person. There's a lot of wiggle-room with cooking. If you mess it up, there's probably SOME way to salvage it, so long as it's not burnt to heck or you just dumped a ton of salt in (note: countering with sugar Does Not Work as Well As You Think It Might). But baking? Baking is chemistry, and if you mess up at one stage, even if it tastes good, it may not come out the way it's supposed to. And that's generously assuming you'll even scrape by with the taste.

I like French macarons because they're sweet, but generally lighter, and one or two really is quite enough. I have to fight my way through a piece of cake, generally, and I'll just as soon pass on most cookies, but these? These I love. Plus you can make them in a bunch of different and unusual flavors--lavender, rose, coffee, lemon... there's a lot of room for pretty colors and fun flavors.

My other new obsession? Ita-bags ("itai" bags, apparently, for how much they kinda hurt to look at? Or an obsession so painful it hurts? Or how they hurt one's wallet). I bought a backpack with a heart-shaped window from the group Anime On Stage, and I LOVE IT. But yesterday while I was at the MoA Disney store I ran into someone who actually sewed her own tote-style ita-bag! And this morning on my twitter there was an article on how to make small ita-HANDBAGS, and HOLY CRAP YES SIGN ME THE HECK UP!! Not only would these be great for me to sell in artist-alley if I could make them entirely, but they'd make fun gifts and really neat ways to show off small-fandoms, or have portable-fandom in a slightly more subdued manner.

-looks at the pile of work I have to do- -looks at all the stuff I want to do- ;;;;;


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