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Medium: Manga [I disowned the anime]
Fandom: Bleach
Subject: Abarai Renji/Inoue Orihime
Title: Only a Broken Heart
Warnings: HET
Notes: Since getting into the Bleach fandom, I've been a very fierce supporter of RenRuki, but it just so happened that in an RP of mine, the Rukia and Ichigo players ship IchiRuki. This changed the entire axis of my Bleach world, and funnily enough, Renji started gravitating toward Orihime, and she toward him after their respective Objects of Affection turned them down. And suddenly I started to ship it; they've got a lot more in common than I ever really gave much thought to. However, since it's canon Orihime is in love with Ichigo, and pretty much canon Renji is arse-over-kettle for Rukia, it takes a strong dose of IchiRuki to make this pairing work. Thus, this is my Circumstantial OTP™.

Seventeen tracks plus bonus song. All files are MP3 format, complete with track numbers and album art for those of you iTuners. Everything is uploaded individually, and a zip file can be found at the bottom. Because I'm a gross overachiever, and since there are no real canon panels of these two actually interacting, I wrote little fic snippets to go with each song. ^_^ ♥

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