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Shit I Don't Wanna RP

Genres/Tropes I Hate

[okay ‘hate’ might be a strong word, but these are the things i’m not really here for.]

❖ Slice of Life: I'm not opposed to some domesticity, but I'm not really interested in roleplaying the mundane day-to-day. I go to work and pay bills and do laundry in real life, I don't really want to write about it.

❖ Romance-Only: Don't get me wrong, I love me some romance, but I prefer it as a subplot to go with my order of adventure and intrigue. I like my romance to facilitate the telling of my story, not to be the whole story.

❖ Gore: Ass-kicking, sparring, even severe injury is fine, I’m just not keen on writing out the details of extensive physical torture or disembowelment or anything like that. Bring on the R-rating, sure, but I'm not here to write a slasher flick.

❖ PWP/Smut or Die/Etc: I enjoy smut! But like romance, I prefer it facilitate the larger story, not be the center of it. Smut or Die for a cause is fine, if we can find a good reason to go that route, though!

❖ Crack/Sugar High/LOLOL: Comedy is great. Running gags are great. Characters inexplicably in tutus and Groucho glasses for no purpose other than I HAD TOO MUCH SUGAR!!!!1 doesn’t do it for me. Silly memes are a little different, of course; I’m talking about like actual scenes and things. That being said, if we can find a good reason to wear tutus and Groucho glasses and accomplish something by doing so, then by all means, bring it on.

❖ Real People: Including bandom and actual historical figures. Obvious fictional representations of real people are fine–-I'd love to play with the Nikola Tesla from Sanctuary or the Leonardo DaVinci from Ever After--but roleplay of real actual people makes me super uncomfortable, so please no.

AUs I’m Not Interested In

❖ High School: I had more than enough popularity contests, cruel insults, and trigonometry homework years ago. Definitely not looking to pretend I'm back there. College/med school/etc would be acceptable, provided it's secondary to a larger plotline.

❖ Superhero: I'm on the fence about this one, but pretty much every superhero AU I've encountered has basically been a re-hash of MCU, which I’m not really interested in playing out. If you've got some fresh ideas, though, feel free to pitch them at me.

❖ Furries: This is a no yiffing zone. (Exceptions may be made for Inuyasha, people with cat ears, and kitsune.)

❖ War: I mean like the historical kind. Keyblade wars with Xehanort, fine, but to be honest, I don’t know enough about military undertakings to feel like I can write something more realistic believably. Wartime is fine, WWII-era settings, for example, are super interesting, but actual war isn't something I'm confident I can write.

❖ Vampires: This one I'm also on the fence about, I’m just burned out on the traditional vampire story with the traditional situations. I'd be down with writing a vampire struggling to survive and maintain their secret in a modern society where sucking people's blood would get noticed, sure, but I'm bored with oh you're a vampire so sexy make me a vampire too and all that BS. Also absolutely no sparkling or dazzling under any circumstances.


So here is a list of stuff I absolutely never want to play ever. Please don't suggest or ask, because I'm telling you right now the answer will be no, and I will probably reconsider playing with you again in the future.


❖ Gaping/Anal Prolapse

❖ Furries/Anthros: Some exceptions made for cat ears and kitsune and the like, I suppose, but no full-on animal-face stuff. This includes A/B/O (in animal context; humans raised in a pack setting or something is negotiable) and knotting.

❖ Watersports/Scat/Enemas/Etc: Basically if it involves bodily excretions other than tears, saliva, or standard sexual fluids, outside of certain contexts or without major discussion beforehand, this is Not Okay with me.

❖ Pregnancy/Birthing of any kind

❖ Incest: Includes blood family, adoptive family, spiritual family, anyone who sees someone as a sibling, child, or parent figure to them, sexytimes will not be happening.

❖ Underage/Sex with Minors/Pedophilia/Ephebophilia: Whatever you wanna call it, if it's illegal in the US, let's not go there. If your character is under 17 and 6 months, this is not happening.

❖ Gore/Extreme Injury: Rough sex is great, I don't mind a little blood if we get to biting or scratching or whatever, but excessive physical torture and gore don't do it for me.

❖ Living Insertions: Butt plugs, sure. Hamsters, no.

❖ Sounding

❖ Inflation

❖ Vore

❖ Infantilism/Diapers

This list may be updated at any time.